Monday, 4 February 2013

Creating Custom Html Modules

Creating Custom Html Modules  for Joomla 1.5

To create custom modules as I have them in templates such as Joomlatemplate.
I am going to assume you know how to use the basics of Joomla administration.

1: Login into your Joomla administrator area.

2: Select Extensions > Module Manager.

3: Now to your right you will see a menu option called New. Click this menu item.

4: Select the CUSTOM HTML option.

5: Complete the following tasks in the details section.
  • - In the Title Box give your custom module a name eg: History.
  • - Select show title if you want.
  • - Select enabled to YES or No.
  • - Position to  example: User1.

6: In menu assignment select the menu items where you would like your module to show up.  If you just want to select specific menu items select the SELECT MENU ITEMS FROM LIST option.  Hold down the ctrl button on your keyboard and select the menu items where you want to display your custom module.

7: Add whatever text or image(s) links you want in your custom module. This data should be entered in the Custom Output area as shown below.  It is the exact same procedure as writing an article for your site. Click preview at the top right of your screen to preview your custom module.Click save at the top right area of the screen.

Congrats! Your have created Custom Joomla module. 

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